PCA membership

ORACOM is pleased to announce that it is now part of the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA).


PCA in brief:

The Professional Computer Association of Lebanon was established in 1996 as a platform for ICT companies based in and operating from Lebanon. PCA has been consistently addressing business, community and policy issues baring in mind two simple things: The National Interest and the Members Interest.

Benefits of the membership:

1- Enhance cooperation and collaboration among Lebanese based ICT companies for the purpose or improving industry standards and competitiveness.

2- Expand ICT penetration and adoption in Lebanon.

3- Establish Lebanon as a leading provider of ICT products and services in the region.


By becoming a member of PCA, Oracom looks forward to building professional relationships with lebanese providers in the ICT field and expanding its market by reaching international clients.


You may find our profile on PCA’s website here.

Posted on July 14, 2021

PCA membership