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Our story

The combination of ambition, will of servicing, and know-how were the essential and primary leads to the creation of ORACOM.

As a first thought, Mr. Jean-Marie RAIDY (Computer Scientist) founded his company in 1997 to provide client-partners with the best quality/satisfaction in the IT chapter.

Later on, the professional and in-depth relationship between ORACOM and its market resulted in the opening of other managerial services such as "Organizational Re-engineering and Coaching". The latter chapters were based on the extensive time spent on different sites to capture and assimilate thousands of hours of practicalities.

Furthermore, ORACOM went into the theory of its services and was ready as of then to offer its clients a bouquet of goodwill "ORganization, Automation, and COMmerce" package.

Moreover, ORACOM's family and especially ORACOM's hardworking and devoted team are in a non-stop continuous worry to serve and support the market locally and internationally.

Mr. RAIDY wishes ORACOM's family the best of luck and success in the future.

JM Raidy

Our story