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All our software solutions are analyzed and developed on a Research and Development (R&D) basis:

   • Customization and special client consideration are driven to a central technical committee to study their integration into any package as an added-value and then automatically deployed.

   • The techniques chosen by our technical department are the ones that assure a maximum and cost-effective data integrity and operational safety.

   • The feedbacks of our clients and users are regularly reviewed and highly considered in all our software updates and patches.

The R&D methodology used is the Merise Project Cycle (MPC) mainly based on an analytical and functional diagram flow and thus guarantees an easy and feasible module alteration at support time.

As far as technical know-how is concerned, ORACOM® team's essence of living is:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - New techniques along the way keep our project on the way

In addition, our software packages are designed with the potential and possibility of modular and automated interfacing.


ORACOM's action plan towards the quality rate raise issue is mainly based on the following Quality Process Map (QPM). Our client's satisfaction strategy is mostly surrounded by product/service long term continuity.

The QPM below shows how our team interacts to provide our client-partner the best output as expected.