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ORACOM® Archive
Objective: Document scanning and archiving
Area of Application: Archive departement
Maturity: New 2018
ORACOM® Archive is a simple scanning and archiving software that will help you make your business paperless.
It meets all the complexities of document SAI (Scanning Archiving Indexing) in 4 easy steps:
① Customize your industry's tags
② Prepare your scan-list
③ Scan your documents
④ Store them securely forever
This scanning and archiving solution's pros:
✔ Easy to use / Friendly UI
✔ Entirely configurable and customizable by the end-user
✔ User groups and permissions 
✔ Optimized for processing large amounts of data
✔ Flexible search and reporting tools
If you need to have an easier, quicker, and more secure access to information, ORACOM® Archive is the software solution that you are looking for.

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ORACOM® Archive